November 24, 2016ExplicitE

Trip 11 | Rising to Challenges

What started as a few family vacations grew into a strong sense of home in the mountains and a single ski season quickly turned into many. In an effort to thrive in such an environment Kelly and her partner began to craft advanced technical fabrics that performed in a wide array of conditions in an effort to enhance outdoor experiences instead of restricting them. What Kelly believes is an obligation to protect the lands we enjoy means many decisions go into everything from choosing fabrics to who the company helps to support and a portion of every sale goes toward land stewardship.

Topics of this chat include:
• Branding
• Leading with technical fabric
• Grading and measuring from scratch
• Difficulties in selling direct
• The balance of art and business
• Traceable sourcing
• Pivots
• Maintaining company culture
• Giving your brain space
• Home and work split
• The dirty side of a startup
• Dealing with stress tests
• Having business advisors
• Scaling and systems
• Communication
• Cash flow

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