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Trip 21 | Doing It Differently

Building his life around hard charging adventures Troy was the first team rider/employee of Volcom at age 18. Going on to spend 20 years as the marketing director he began to search for ways to heal the body he had put through so many injuries.

After turning toward yoga he started looking for a good pair of shorts but found nothing in terms of fit, style, and company ethics he could get behind. Co-founding Kozm became his way of creating a brand with a completely different set of standards.

By committing to environmental, and social, responsibility Kozm works to source products with a smaller footprint all while giving 5% of each sale to support projects they believe will make a difference in the long run.
Topics of this chat include:
• Finding marketing
• Changes in digital landscape
• Living your business
• Meaningful decisions
• Long term thinking
• Slow fashion movement
• Creating key partnerships
• Direct to consumer
• Triple the time and cost
• Putting yourself out there
• Lifestyle balance
• Following your gut
• In the face of fear

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