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Michael Nelson is a lover of all things far-out and philosophical as well as a successful podcaster and host of ThirdEyeDrops.com. After originally starting the show under the name Midwest Real he’s quickly joined the ranks of people such as Dennis McKenna, Daniele Bolelli, Android Jones, and more.

Topics of this chat include:

  • You’ve been reborn… now what?
  • The importance of writing things down
  • Dealing with depression
  • Swallowing your pride and getting therapy
  • The difference between working on yourself and being egotistical
  • Dealing with negative comments
  • Why generosity and stronger emotion seems to come with age
  • The importance of peak experiences and how they alter life’s trajectory
  • The power of the outdoors
  • More on the future of the show and Third Eye Drops
  • Communing with the muse
  • Why carving your own path is so satisfying
  • Float tanks, meditation and more!


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