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Trip 12 | Climbing to Success

Gareth “Gaz” Leah is a worldly adventurer, passionate writer, business developer and rock climber. Born and raised in the small industrial town of Ellesmere Port in the UK he had a misspent youth that lacked both ambition and direction. Having faced several near death experiences Gaz attacks life with a fire not possessed by many and is in the process of both finishing his second climbing guidebook as well as training for a larger big wall mission to face past fears, among many other philanthropic pursuits.

Topics of this chat include:
• Finding climbing
• Opening your world through learning
• The accident
• Falling on previous knowledge
• Vindication
• Building mental confidence
• Success is the only option
• Failing forward
• Rising from failures
• Leaning on gratitude
• Small victories, repeated
• Following projects to the end
• Navigating darkness
• Self-belief
• Checkpoints instead of endpoints

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