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Trip 22 | Trust The Process

Scott Proctor is visual designer based out of Portland, Oregon. While at the University of Oregon, he worked as creative director for OR magazine where he polished his skills in digital design, art direction, storytelling and leadership. Scott’s work at OR went on to win a Gold Crown award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and has been recognized by Apple, Adobe, Nike & Wired Magazine for its’ innovations.

Since then Scott has had professional experience with Mondo Robot, FCB Chicago, and most recently with The Locals Project. In his brief career, he has worked on a variety of major brands ranging from Backcountry.com, Yeti, SeaLegacy, Comcast, KFC, Whistler Blackcomb, Jack Daniels, Kmart, Boeing, Nestle, and Avery Brewing Company.

When he’s not working on a project chances are that he’s out skiing, biking, surfing, or chasing waterfalls.
Topics of this chat include:
• Merging passions
• Stepping stones
• Design thinking and process
• Sticking to standards
• Asking good questions
• Maintaining balance
• Prioritizing and saying “no”
• The power of mentors
• Technology as a tool
• Snowball effect and small steps
• Putting in the time
• Being inclusive


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