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Trip 28 | Responsible Recreating

Having worked as a horseback tour guide, ski instructor, route setter, and sales director Tom Adams has spent the better part of his life climbing and skiing in Utah’s Wasatch Range. In his most recent role as a Director for Utah’s Office of Outdoor Recreation Tom works to ensure that Utahns can live a healthy active lifestyle through recreation while strengthening the outdoor economy. During this time of the year he can typically be found on a local skin track chasing fresh lines, and deep powder, as the white room transitions into the morning sunrise…all before heading into “work”.
Topics of this chat include:
• Policy, Infrastructure, Recruitment, Inspiration
• Working from the ground up
• Sales to state
• 5 year birthday
• Leading the charge for other states
• Park attendance and staffing difficulties
• Working through government shutdowns
• Funding sources
• Community groups
• Stewardship
• Education and safety
• “Every Kid Outdoors” resolution
• Conflicting opinions in public lands debate
• The reality of oil & gas
• Tradeoffs
• Supporting local communities
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