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Trip 3 | Generation Z

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Cory Brown is an artist, world traveler, and co-founder/director/editor of SchoolsofSustainability.com. His background in industrial design led him into the film industry where he worked for 6 years in the art department, with props, and as a prop fabricator. Specializing in nature-inspired filmography and timelapse photography around the world, he was recently the DP for The First 70, a documentary about state park closures in California that won numerous awards including Best Cinematography from Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, was shown statewide in Patagonia and REI stores, and aired on public access throughout California and Oregon. 

Topics of this chat include:

  • Branching out as an artist
  • Thinking creatively about problem solving
  • Following an inner sense of connection
  • Utilizing technology to better our relationship with the planet
  • Pillars of business practice
  • Engaging with kids in an effort to foster critical thinking
  • Challenges in working with a younger generation
  • Going against the mainstream
  • Tools for better living
  • Adapting to changing circumstances
  • Lighting and spreading the fire within
  • Allocating time and funding to your passion project
  • Practicing what you preach

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