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Trip 4 | Finding Your Niche

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Ana Van Pelt is a designer, artist, and co-founder of Niche Snowboards. After spending her younger years in California and moving on to the mountains of Idaho she began snowboarding as an outlet to bettering her life. During that same time period she began learning the ins-and-outs of graphic design in an effort to expand on her passions. Molding these two aspects of her life she teamed up with several friends to create Niche snowboards citing the toxicity of many elements in the snowboard making process as a catalyst for change in the industry and the driving force behind the ongoing efforts in creating a 100% recycled snowboard.

Topics of this chat include:

  • The “flow”
  • Transition into being a business owner
  • The intersection of luck and hard work
  • Finding an outlet
  • Following a path to the end
  • Perfection paralysis
  • Work/life balance
  • Your role in a business
  • Learning how to be a leader
  • Women and the younger generation
  • Presenting your authentic self
  • Dealing with time
  • Interpersonal dynamics
  • Friendship in business


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