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Trip 6 | Location Independence

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Paul Kortman is a self-proclaimed nerd having spent 12 years in the IT industry before moving on to founding a digital marketing agency as well as two other collaborative consumption companies thereafter. Through the utilization of his location independent job Paul sold all of his possessions, including his home, in order to pursue the nomadic lifestyle with his wife and 4 children. Currently, Paul is working with his wife to help other families in pursuit of a similar lifestyle after having traveled throughout the Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Bulgaria, and Portugal just to name a few.

Topics of this chat include:

  • Wifi struggles
  • Issues with vehicles
  • Minimalist living and “things”
  • The choice to go nomadic
  • Loneliness on the road
  • Having a support system
  • Finding fulfillment on the road
  • How to keep the machine moving
  • Motivations behind taking the first step
  • Optimizing systems
  • Preparing for setbacks
  • Highs and lows
  • Tranquilo
  • Choosing locations

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