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Trip 7 | Sport Needs a Space

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Loren is an outdoor enthusiast who’s interests lie in everything from climbing to hiking and everything in between. Having grown up with a sense of caring for the planet instilled by his parents Loren diverged from his path of becoming a teacher in order to immerse himself in the outdoor industry. Starting as an entry level buyer he moved from his hometown of Eugene, Oregon to pursue what would eventually lead to a career with Adidas Outdoor.

Topics of this chat include:

  • Parleys x Adidas
  • Recycled fishing nets for apparel
  • Global 100 sustainability index
  • Boat shoes from ocean plastic
  • Changing career paths
  • Pronouncing A-di-das
  • Family values
  • Dope dye vs dry dye processes
  • Cost of business 
  • Marketing to mainstream
  • Setting and meeting data driven goals
  • Investing as a consumer
  • Small steps and changes
  • Sections and materials of a shoe
  • Boost vs. EVA
  • The multifaceted athlete/human

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