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Trip 8 | Plant Allies

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David is the co-founder and chief brand cebador of Guayaki; an organic and fair trade Yerba Mate tea company with the goal of restoring 200,000 acres of South American Atlantic rainforest, as well as creating over 1,000 living wage jobs, by the year 2020. Finding meaningful work in collaborating with forward thinking individuals David enjoys finding scalable and ethical solutions to challenges facing humanity in today’s day and age.

Topics of this chat include:

• Sharing the gourd
• Hay fever
• Finding the path
• Overcoming obstacles
• Believing in a better world
• Lessons from business school
• Stepping out of the safety net
• Cost of business
• The benefits of Mate
• Learning along the way
• Committing for the long haul
• Extending kindness and hospitality
• Maintaining company culture
• Listening to the source
• Market driven restoration
• Being part of a bigger movement
• Following your heart


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